Crop Care Tips


  • Trees need water to grow healthy. Water needs vary according to crop type, planting location and weather.
  • Newly planted trees watered 2 times a day in the morning and evening.
  • Trees in the open area are watered abundantly so that water absorbs deep into the soil so that the roots of the tree are firmly tied in the soil. Watering frequency once every 2 to 3 days.
  • Vegetables grown in community gardens are watered regularly from clean water sources to ensure the safety of the harvest.
  • Make sure the water source is not contaminated with chemicals that can kill plants.
  • Indoor plants need a little water.


The problem

What to do

More water

  • The tree withers because the roots rot
  • Leaves fall simultaneously including leaves and young shoots


  • Watering is only necessary, especially for indoor plants
  • Make sure the tree planted in the container has an outlet
  • Reproduce using media has good drainage

Less water

  • Trees stunted and withered
  • The edges of the leaves turn brown and dry


  • Flush regularly
  • Trim the dead part


  1. Water the potted tree until excess water comes out of the hole under the pot, this indicates that watering is sufficient.
  2. How to make sure the water used is free of contaminants?
  • Use tap water. But involve high costs if the amount of water needed is large.
  • Using rainwater through rain water harvesting is a pure green practice. However, it is necessary to take safety measures so that it does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Using water from natural sources such as rivers, lakes or ponds is most practical. However, this water may be contaminated with chemicals such as herbicides. How to make sure this water source is chemical free.

These tips might help:

  • Make sure no plants, fish, birds or other fauna die in large quantities suddenly around the water source area.
  • If these symptoms occur it is possible that the water source has been contaminated.
  • Do not use water from drains or drainage systems because it contains oil (grease) and detergents that damage plants.
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