Crop Media Tips

Crop media is a mixed soil that can be purchased at a flower nursery or can be made on its own. You can create your own mixed soil depending on the type of crop you want to grow.

Most crops require standard mixed soil. Plants that require less water such as cactus are suitable for use in mixtures containing more sand. While plants requiring high humidity such as ferns or plants grown in hanging pots are suitable for use in mixtures containing more compost.

The main ingredients for making mixed soil are topsoil, organic matter and river sand.


Plant Media For Sale In Nurseries

Guide to Growing Pots

  1. Pebbles or pots are laid to cover the drainage holes at the base of the pots
  2. Insert plant media at 1/4 of pot base
  3. Put the sticks in the middle of the pot
  4. Fill pots with vegetable media. Leave 4-6 cm of empty space on the lips of the vase
  5. Rinse so that water flows out of the basin
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