Dasar Kebun Komuniti Bandar KPKT

Dasar ini diperkenalkan bagi memperkasa komuniti bandar untuk mengoptimumkan penggunaan tanah dan ruang persekitaran dengan melakukan aktiviti perkebunan. Sasaran DKKB ialah satu PPR, satu kebun komuniti. Selain itu, Dasar Kebun…

Green Fingers

Green Fingers is a support module for strengthening the Landscape and Garden Partnership Program. The modules provided are intended to encourage the public to perform simple, inexpensive and ...

Guide to Planting Plants

The Cabinet, which met on May 30, 2007, has decided that to encourage people to walk as a healthy lifestyle, large trees and shady trees should be planted throughout the…

Flower Principal Book

There are many major flowering plants around us. The beauty of this vibrant color comes as a result of the flowers that come out in certain seasons.

National Landscape Guidebook Handbook 2

The publication of the National Landscape Guidelines, 1995 by the Landscape Unit, at that time under the Department of Town and Country Planning (JPBD) was made based on the government's decision to produce a guidebook ...

Landscape Edible Books

Landscape Edible is a garden design approach that combines the use of food crops and crops. It is also known as the Kitchen, Edible Garden and Community Park.

National Landscape Basic Books

The National Landscape Policy (DLN) is a guide to provide the direction of national landscape development, encompassing a strategic policy and action plan that can serve as a catalyst for the National Development Policy (DPN).
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