Spelling Tips


  • Trees need enough nutrients to grow well, produce lots of flowers and fruits.
  • The nutrient requirements are different for each type of plant.
  • Seeds that grow fast, flower and bear fruit need more fertilizer.
  • Slow-growing plants such as ferns and cactuses need less fertilizer.
  • Plants need no less than 17 nutrients.
  • Most nutrients are available or present in water such as hydrogen and in air such as oxygen and carbon.
  • To grow well and produce results, plants need macro nutrients.
  • Macro nutrients need to be added to the soil or sprayed on the plants.
  • The most important macro-nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulfur (Sr).
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium known as NPK are most important and need to be constantly added.

N: Leafy trees like drina, aglaonema and leafy vegetables need high nitrogen content.


P: Flowering trees need high fertilizer with phosphorus to stimulate flower production. Phosphorus also improves ba-tang strength and promotes root production.


K: Trees produce high yields of potassium fertilizers to stimulate fruit production and help the fruit grow. Potassium also emphasizes the ultimate resistance to disease attacks.


Types of steel

Types of steel

Types of steel

  • It comes from plant material or feces (feces) of decaying animals
  • Less nutrient content than inorganic fertilizers
  • Examples: compost, animal manure
  • It is made from minerals or made by chemical processes
  • High nutrient content
  • Examples: Green NPK, urea, Chrismas Island Rock Phosphate (CIRP)

The problem

What to do

Less steel

  • The leaves are stunted, small in size and yellow
  • Trees don't grow
  • Not removing flowers and fruit


  • Add fertilizer, a small quantity at each fertilizer but more often

More steel

  • The leaves wither or fall off before their period
  • Less young leaves come out
  • The effect of burning on leaves


  • Stop fertilizing, remove any remaining fertilizer and rinse with plenty of water

Need to Shop?

  • 10 – 14 hari bagi pokok sayur-sayuran
  • Once a month for shrubs
  • 3 – 4 bulan bagi pokok teduhan
  • After pruning to help the tree recover
  • When there is a sign of an unhealthy tree, yellowish or stunted growth

How Much Steel?

The main principle of fertilizer is to give it a small amount but it is done more often

  • Steel produced by the manufacturer, following the guidelines provided
  • Self-made liquid organic fertilizers, spray 1 or 2 times a month
  • Baja organik pepejal seperti kompos dan tinja haiwan, 2 – 3 bulan sekali
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