Tips To Build Your Garden

Depending on the size and level of difficulty of the garden design, construction can be done on their own or appointed by a contractor. For those who build their own, some basic skills of carpentry, construction and horticulture are required.

Step 1 - Specifications, Quantity and Price

From the Garden Master Plan that has been made, the designer needs to determine the specifications of soft landscape components, hard landscaping and other utilities to be built.

Specification means how it looks, what material it is made of and what size the component is. There are garden components such as benches, chairs and endowments available for sale in the market. You can buy and install according to the concept and design of the garden. While for some specific components, self-construction work according to the desired design needs to be implemented.

Quantity refers to some number of each component required. You need to estimate the overall price of the garden construction. Is the financial allocation commensurate with the construction price. If the price exceeds the financial allocation, then changes need to be made to the design of the park.

Step 2 - Build an Oval Landscape

If there are original components that are not needed in the garden design then they need to be removed or disposed of from the site. Next the rigid landscape components are first built before tree planting is done. The purpose is because construction may require the use of equipment and machinery that can damage crops.

Step 3 - Planting Trees

Once the construction work of the rugged landscape is completed, then you can plant the desired plants in the garden. Before planting, the site should be cleaned of residues of building materials, stones, wood stumps and other materials that can hinder root growth.

Using spikes, mark the area or planting hole on the site as in the Garden Master Plan. Dig a hole and plant a large tree like the shade tree before planting a smaller tree. Make sure the size and distance of the planting hole is appropriate to ensure healthy tree growth.

Holes, borders and planting boxes should be filled with good planting media to ensure healthy tree growth. It is difficult to get a garden site that has fertile soil especially in urban areas. That is why you need to use crop media.

Shade Tree Planting Guide


  1. Dig a hole
  2. Open the tree polybag
  3. Insert the tree into the hole along the spikes
  4. Cover holes with plant media
  5. Corrects the position of the tree and the sticker
  6. Trees that are ready to be planted
  7. An example of tying a rope to a tree with a wooden peg using wire mesh or rope


Planting Guide At Boundary / Planting Box


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